*turns into a tree to avoid responsibilities*

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Only god knows how much I love my awesome,chaos,noisy,lovely classmatesπŸ’—. Gratefull to spend two years of school with them ☺
I really do.
Beraya di sekolah 🏫 
Riang ria hari raya with friends πŸ’—
*insert an emo caption with alone as the subject* πŸ’€ #streetart #meteora  (at Meteora Taipan)
Open house with @wafiyyabydollscarf  🌸 Love my #Ootd
Thank you so much for having us @yusrinaroslee and @aizmie ! Thank for the food to tho hehe sedap! Had so much fun! Bak kata Razihah, Sayang korang ketat ketat! πŸ˜˜πŸ’–
Thank you so much @yusrinaroslee and @aizmie for having us! Thanks for the delicious food too! ” Sayang korang ketat “- Razihah hahaha 😁
Photobomb level : Calvin πŸ˜‚ #nofilter  (at Aiman Mokhtar’s house)
πŸ’—People who own’s special place in my heart. Thanks a lot for coming yesterday! πŸ’— Hope all of you pulang dengan perut yang kenyang semalam 😁 #myopenhousekecilkecilan
And the best outfit of the day goes to *drumsroll* AIMAN MOKHTAR! 
The only guy come with songkok and baju melayu πŸ™† so proud